The Truth About Solid Wood Flooring


solid wood floors

One of the misconceptions about solid wood floors is that they are expensive. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While solid hardwood floors may be more expensive than engineered ones, there are several solid wood floating floors on the market today that are much less expensive than solid hardwood floors are.

Installation and Costs

One of the main reasons why solid wood floors are more expensive than engineered ones is because solid wood floors take more time and planning for installation. Engineered wood flooring does not require the same level of planning and execution as solid wood floors do. However, this is not to say that solid wood floors are substandard, only that they require more planning for installation. Most importantly, solid wood floors take longer to install than engineered planks do; therefore, you will end up spending more money on their installation.

Another misconception regarding solid hardwood floors is that they require tedious and time-consuming installation techniques. This is not the case with most solid wood floors because planks are pre-finished with a smooth and solid finish. Once the planks are pre-finished, you will have more time to do other things, which will help you save money. Engineered hardwoods typically need to be sanded and stained before installation begins. This means that you will need more materials and more work to complete the installation process.

A final misconception regarding solid wood floors is that solid hardwoods cost more than a veneer. The cost of solid hardwood will depend on several factors, including the type of solid wood floor you choose and the manufacturer from where you purchased your planks. Most solid hardwood floors will cost more than a veneer. However, when you compare the actual costs of both types of floors, you will find that veneer slightly outweighs the additional cost of solid hardwood floors. This is primarily because of the added installation costs.

Another misconception is that solid hardwood floors cost more per square foot than veneer. When it comes to hardwood floor installation, this is simply not true. As previously mentioned, solid hardwood planks are more expensive than veneers, but when you factor in the actual cost of the flooring, you will notice a significant difference. Veneer costs less per square foot than solid wood floors do, but solid wood floors still cost less than most laminates, including laminates made from recycled plastics. Because of this, solid hardwood floors cost less to install than most laminates do.

solid wood floors

Common Concerns

One misconception people have is that solid hardwood floors cause a house colder in the winter. The opposite is true. Because solid hardwood floors hold so much heat, they help keep your house warmer than other types of flooring do. This is due to the planks’ insulation properties, as they can trap air between their grains, keeping the heat contained within the room.

Another misconception is that solid hardwood floors require more maintenance than their laminate or engineered counterparts. Again, this is simply not the case. Laminated floors can be quickly and easily installed, with just a little extra work on your part; a solid hardwood floor, however, will require slightly more work before installation. Once installed, however, solid hardwood floors require little maintenance, and in fact, some manufacturers offer floors with anti-skid grooves built right in. In terms of installation, this makes all the difference.

If you’re thinking about installing solid hardwood floors in your home, it’s important to understand that not only are the boards themselves heavier than solid ones, but the nails used in solid board installation are bigger. This means that if you’re going to use standard nails for the installation, they’ll be too big for the smaller board edges around the edge. To offset this, many solid wood flooring companies also offer pre-mounted, tongue-and-groove nailing kits. These are generally available at any good solid wood floor installation company and are easy to install with minimal mess, and no damage to the boards themselves.

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