What To Ask A Carpet Installation Company Offering Free Installation


carpet installation

How much does carpet installation cost? Carpet installation prices vary widely depending on carpet type, the room you are installing it in, and the carpet installation company you choose. Carpet installation prices vary depending on the carpet type, brand, and company. The price also varies greatly depending on how large the room is to install carpet in. Carpet installation prices between nine to eighteen dollars are typical for a small room to have carpet installed in.

  • Are there any free installation offers? There may be certain carpet installation companies or carpet installation contractors that offer a free installation but they do not mean it is any less expensive than a full house flooring installation. Companies that say free installations are less expensive than a full house installation oftentimes mean a free installation offer is simply a way for them to attract new business.
  • Is it more cost-effective to hire carpet installation services? The cost of carpet installation can be higher than purchasing it. Carpet installation prices are generally higher than hardwood flooring installation because of labour and materials costs associated with carpet installation. Carpeted subfloors, when properly installed, last longer than carpet flooring which is good news if you are planning on keeping the subfloor under your carpeting for a long time.
  • Is hiring carpet installation cheaper if I hire professionals? Yes, carpet installation is usually much more expensive if you hire carpet installation services. If you do decide to do it yourself, however, many carpet installation services offer a full house or even a whole-house flooring installation for only a couple hundred dollars. If you use the free installation offers, it’s usually not a bad idea to get the experts involved because they will be able to make any necessary repairs to complete your new floor without a problem.
carpet installation
  • Are there savings with carpet installation over replacing old carpeting? Sometimes there are. Most people replace their entire carpeting in their home, but older carpeting can still be saved if it is not stained, worn, or otherwise damaged. Replacing your old carpeting with new carpeting can save you money. Carpet replacements can be more expensive than pad replacements in some instances due to the amount of material that is used. A carpet installation may also cost less because you won’t have to pay out for professional installation if your carpeting is damaged.
  • Are there other costs associated with carpet installation as opposed to replacing carpet? One important cost is the cost of having the carpet installed. The amount of time that it can take to install carpet can vary quite a bit depending on the carpet that you choose. Some carpets can easily be installed within a few hours while others may take longer.

When you decide to have your carpet installation done, ask whether the company will place your new carpet over your old carpeting. Most companies will do a combined installation, which means that your old carpeting is removed and your new padding is placed over it. It is wise to ask about this before the job is started so that you don’t end up having carpet on top of old padding.

One other thing that you should ask your carpet installation company offering free installation services is whether they will remove your existing flooring if you wish to install new carpet directly over it. Many companies will only do a preliminary cleaning of your old carpeting to see whether it is clean enough for the new installation. If not, removing hard flooring will be required. It may require heavy-duty equipment to remove your old flooring and then the padding will need to be installed over the removal. This will ensure that your old carpeting is properly and adequately protected during the installation.

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